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PikiPimp is a quick easy way to pimp your photographs. Just do a quick upload and then drag and drop the various pimp accessories (for lack of a better term) on top of your photo and then watch as zany hijinx ensue. Once you’ve created your pimped out masterpiece, you can easily embed it into… Read more »

Fresh Logic Atlas

There’s just something about data being displayed geographically on a map that’s cool to me. Maybe that’s why I like playing with my GPS and geocaching so much. I ran across a neat integration of maps (MSN Live Local) and community data last night. It’s created by a company called Fresh Logic Studios. In their… Read more »

Firefox 2.0 Released

Get it while it’s hot! Firefox 2.0 has just hit the net. They’ve added a nice list of new features. Most notable are the visual refresh (cleaned up the buttons) and the tabbed browsing improvements. My favorite new feature is the new inline spell check, that checks any text you enter into a form for… Read more »

Neuros OSD

Along the same topic as a few of my last posts, I ran across a really cool piece of hardware called the Neuros OSD. I guess if you wanted to compare it to something, it’s similar to Apple’s yet-to-be-released iTV box with one major difference… it’s totally open. The machine runs open source Linux-based firmware,… Read more »

Leave Amazon Unbox in the Box

To get the jump on Apple, Amazon released their movie download offereing (called Unbox) just days before Apple’s announcement last week. To kick off their launch they’re offering a free download ($1.99 instant rebate) for a TV show. I decided to give the new service a try (since the first one is free). I downloaded… Read more »

Apple’s New Entertainment Offerings

It was bound to happen before the big holiday buying season. Yesterday at a special “It’s Showtime” event, Apple announced a collection of upgrades and new products related to the iPod and iTunes. iPod Video The specs were bumped on the standard iPod Video to include a brighter screen (60% brighter), longer battery life (from… Read more »

Geotagging Back in Flickr

It looks like geotagging is back in Flickr. This time it’s built right in vs. the older method that died off a little while back. With the new built-in geotagging, flickr has provided a handy drag and drop interface from the organizr section of your flickr account. You simply zoom to the place on the… Read more »

More Flickr Tools

Do you use Flickr? How about some fun tools to make it easier. FlickrStorm FlickrStorm is a better search for Flickr. It digs a little deeper than the built-in flickr search to bring you more relevant results Flickr Leech Their motto is “because paging sucks.” This tool helps you sort through the millions of images… Read more »

Google Flight Simulator

Just like you could drive a racecar through New York, You can now fly an airplane over several cities around the word. Googles, the Google Maps Flight Sim is a little Flash app that puts you in a little green and yellow plane where you can fly all over Google Maps satellite pictures of the… Read more »

Building an Entertainment PC: The Guts

For Jess’ graduation, I told her I’d put together an entertainment PC for her so she could Tivo (that’s a verb now) shows, organize music, watch DVD’s etc. She graduated back in May and I’ve been putting off buying the pieces until just last week when Intel dropped their processor prices. Everything showed up via… Read more » Operation Depth Charge, which I blogged about a while back has launched an updated version of their site (code named Operation Depth Charge). They’ve added some cool new features and totally overhauled their player. I use all the time (mainly for listening to internet radio at work) and love the new features. If you’ve not checked… Read more »


It has an “R” instead of an “ER,” so you know it’s got to be a new Flickr tool. Preloadr is a simple photo editing tool that works hand in hand with Flickr. It’s totally web-based, and lets you do a number of simple edits and manipulations to photos you’ve uploaded to Flickr. It includes… Read more »

Google Checkout

On Thursday, Google released their long-rumored Checkout service. This new service allows shoppers with a Google Checkout account to pay for merchandise at a long list of retailers. This isn’t quite the PayPal killer (at least at this time) that it was rumored to be. It’s more of a shopping cart system that can be… Read more »

101 Free Games

Not 99, not 100, but 101 FREE Games on the internet. These are the cruddy flash games you see everywhere (there have got to be WAY more than 101 of those). Computer Gaming World has put together a pretty extensive list of actual decent games to download free from the net. So, if you were… Read more »

New Picasa (with Web Albums)

Last week Google came out with a new service called Picasa Web Albums. It is the online photo album for Picasa users that has been rumored to be coming out for some time now. It is still in “Test,” which is odd since everything else google puts out there is in “beta,” so there are… Read more »