iPhone & AppleTV

Apple_Logo.pngI always seem to be on vacation when Apple does their big January announcement. And since that happened over a week ago, (and since the media goes crazy any time Apple releases something new) there’s isn’t much of a chance you haven’t heard at least some sort of rumblings about the new Apple iPhone.

I won’t go into incredible detail on what it is and what it does, since that information is plastered all over the internet. I will say this thing is a sleek looking device (most things Apple creates can be called “sleek”). They’ve put together a nice smart phone, though they stray from calling it that. Regardless of how this thing eventually performs, at the very lowest level, I think the iPhone is going to be a good thing because it will force the cell phone carries to bump up their phone choices. With a nice powerful internet/music device in the iPhone overshadowing the tiny locked-down selection of phones typically offered by carriers this could be a good thing. Even though I like what the iPhone can do, and it looks like a very well-designed device, I don’t think I’d go right out and buy one (when they’re available in June). I’m very happy with my Treo. The clincher for me (and maybe it’s just because this is what I’m used to) is that I feel I’m able to expand what it can do more than the somewhat locked down iPhone. I have a lot more choices for applications that can go on my existing device. Plus, I’m not spending $499 or $599 for it. Who knows though, just like all things Apple releases, I like to see it close up/hands on. Maybe after doing that it will win me over. Guess I won’t know till June.

Apple also officially released their AppleTV which was announced last fall. I pretty much feel the same way about this as I did before. I think this thing would be perfect if it had a built in DVR. Add the Tivo functionality and I’m totally sold on this thing. As it stands now, it’s mainly just an extension of iTunes to the TV. I see the need they’re trying to fill with this, but for me the need isn’t really large enough for me to plunk down $299 for this device. Again, maybe this is just the foot in the set-top-device door for Apple. They did remove “computers” from their name and are now just Apple Inc. which could be seen as a move to focus more in the home entertainment/consumer electronics realm. Or it could be that they’re just changing it now because of the focus they’re already putting into that area. I guess the future will tell which direction they’re going to go with this thing.

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