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Palm Pre Review

Well, I went out an bought myself a Palm Pre. It’s a really good phone, but the major deciding factor was the great deal I currently have with Sprint. It just made it too hard to jump to another carrier to get another phone (*cough* iPhone *cough* AT&T). I held out on renewing the account… Read more »

Pilot a Ship All Around Google Earth

I just ran across one of the coolest uses of Google Earth I’ve seen. Planet in Action has created an online simulation built on top of Google Earth. You can pilot several barges, a re-fuel ship, a container ship, a cruise ship, or even a blimp. This looks to be a proof-of-concept type game according… Read more »

2009 SXSW Interactive Conference

It’s that time of year again that I’m off to Austin, TX for another South by Southwest Interactive Conference. I’ll be collecting my notes on a side-blog again this year: The SXSW Interactive Festival features five days of exciting panel content and amazing parties. Attracting digital creatives as well as visionary technology entrepreneurs, the… Read more »

What if the Internet Disappeared?

Last week I was talking to a coworker of mine and somehow the conversation moved towards the possibility of the internet disappearing. She came out and asked  me what I would do if the internet was gone. It’s an interesting question to think about since the Internet has become such an important part of our… Read more »

Palm Pre, Will it Save Palm?

There was another big announcement from last week’s Consumer Electronics Show that I have purposely held off commenting on. Palm announced their next generation phone, the Pre, and their new WebOS. The tech media has been touting this device as the best announcement of this year’s CES. Full disclaimer: I have owned and used a… Read more »

Asus Announces Eee Keyboard

Asus, the company that started the whole netbook trend announced a cool new product yesterday. It’s called the Eee Keyboard, and is an entire computer (HTPC) built into a keyboard. The keyboard has a built-in touch screen where the number pad normally goes, which can display widgets, RSS feeds, calendars and more.  This thing will… Read more »

2008 Holiday Gift Guides

A happy Cyber Monday to you all! I started putting together lists of (geek) gift guides mainly for myself a few years back to help with my holiday shopping. So with the shopping season now officially upon us, here’s this years list. I’ve chosen these lists because they appeal to me, and the people on… Read more »

Gifty Gift Cards from Target and Best Buy

It’s quickly becoming that time of the year where you’re looking for those perfect holiday gifts. Gift cards are always an option for those hard to buy for people on your list. Best Buy and Target have just come out with new gift cards with some interesting extra features. Target now offers a gift card… Read more »

What Firefox Extenstions do you Use?

I catch a new article every few weeks along the lines of “The Best Firefox Extensions for Doing ______.” Sometimes I see something cool that I end up downloading and using regularly, but most of the time I just stick with what I’ve got. I decided to share the list of extensions I have installed,… Read more »

Control Video Games With Your Mind

I read a small blurb in Wired Magazine about a company called Emotiv Systems that has created a really interesting product called the EPOC. It basically brings brain control to your computer or to video games. The EPOC is a headband helmet type thing that actually picks up your brain waves allowing you to interact… Read more »

Demo of MS Photosynth Composing App

Microsoft Research at The Univeristy of Washington has put together a really amazing new demo of thier Photosynth Composing Application. It takes large collections of photos from many different users (i.e. flickr or smugmug), and builds a 3D environment out of those photos by stiching them together at various locations and depths around the subject…. Read more »

The Internet Crisis?

Last week the FCC ruled that Comcast acted against their open-Internet principles by improperly slowing peer-to-peer BitTorrent traffic. Up to that decision, and shortly after that decision became official, there have been several good articles written on the topic. Some are strongly for it, and some strongly against. Some simply ask if it was necessary… Read more »

Another Nintendo in a Nintendo

Remember the last Nintendo Cartridge Nintendo? This one takes it a step further, adding a controller and a screen to the package. Now you don’t even need to have a TV to play your cartridge-sized Nintendo. This one doesn’t look like you can play more than one game though. Oh well, it’s still pretty cool.

Firefox Download Day World Record

What to be a part of a world record for something that you should probably do anyway? Spreadfirefox is trying to set a world record for most downloads in a 24 hour period when the new version of Firefox 3.0 is released on June 17th. If you’d like to participate, visit the Download Day 2008… Read more »

iPhone 3G

The rumors were correct. Apple announced the 3G iPhone yesterday at their Worldwide Developers Conference.  I have to say I’m very tempted. My year-old Treo 755p is looking a little long in the tooth. After several people I know have picked up iPhones over the past year, I’ve gotten to like the device more and… Read more »