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No More Winamp

According to this article at BetaNews, Nullsoft, the company that created Winamp is no more. The final developer from the original Winamp team has left. After Justin Frankel, the founder of Nullsoft left last January (right after the release of Winamp 5), it was just a matter of time before AOL finally killed it off… Read more »

Firefox 1.0 Released! has just released Firefox 1.0. The download is available at, or This is their first major product release since the Mozilla suite’s 1.0 release in June of 2002. Also, sometime in the next few weeks there will be a full page Firefox ad in the New York Times from a grassroots effort… Read more »

What’s With all the Rolex Spam?

All of a sudden the past few weeks I’ve been getting loads of Rolex spam. It even seems to be outnumbering the junk mail that I receive for Vi#gr@ and body part enlargement. I wonder why all of a sudden spam from fly-by-night companies selling fake Rolex watches has increased so much. Maybe all the… Read more »

Halloween Technology

Dremel has released a pumpkin carving tool. I imagine that if you were to use this tool there’d be alot of orange goo thrown everywhere. I sure wish I’d see this sooner or I would have carved a pumpkin this year. Maybe I’ll carve a Thanksgiving pumpkin instead with a nice turkey on it.

iPod Updates

Apple released a slew of new iPod goodies today. The first new iPod is a special edition black “U2” version. It is just your typical 20GB iPod with one subtle difference… it’s black with a red Apple click wheel and the band’s signatures laser engraved on the back. It sells for $349 which includes $50… Read more »

Google Releases Beta Desktop Search

Yes, I know I’ve been writing a lot about Google lately… but they just keep releasing cool things! Today the released a new piece of software that lets you use their incredible search engine to search certain files on your computer. Once you download and install this little app, a “desktop” tab is added to… Read more »

Google SMS

Google just released a new SMS service. If you send an SMS (text message) from your cell phone to the number 46645 (GOOGL) with a certain syntax, the super smart Google robot will send you a text message back with your results. Yesterday, I tried one of the examples from Google: pizza 52242 (the zip… Read more »

Gmail Drive

For those of you that have a Gmail account, this little utility is a nice addition. It allows you to use your 1Gb for actual storage. It puts a little drive icon into Windows and transfers files pretty quickly from your local machine to your Gmail storage(I haven’t tried any large files yet). I suppose… Read more »

New iMac G5 Live In Person

On Friday I was able to see (and touch) one of the new iMac G5 all-in-one computers in person. The Campus rep had one in the computer demo area. I have to say that the pictures don’t do it justice. Just like its predecessor iMac (iLamp) you really don’t get a feel for it until… Read more »

Toilet Technology

For all of you guys out there (ladies you can tune this post out unless you use one of these) that have issues hitting the bowl at night. There’s now a brilliat new device to help you out… The Jonny Glow! This dazzlling pice of technology is apparently a ring of (obviously waterproof) glow tape… Read more »

My Take on the Buttons

Kevin Gerich has some fun alternate versions of the “Get Firefox” buttons. I decided to take a stab at it.

Gmail Invites Galore

I’ve had a Gmail account since early July (I was able to get it from an old Blogger account I had) and haven’t received any invites until the past couple weeks. I initially had 5 to offer and gave away two or three of them. Now it keeps getting bumped up. Whenever I give out… Read more »

Firefox Notes

Just some random Firefox notes: They’ve redesigned the website. Steven Garity did the redesign, and they’ve been beta testing it for the past week or so. I think it’s a definite improvement over the previous brown design. Hopefully with this redesign, version 1.0 is just around the corner. The roadmap aims for a beta… Read more »

Apple Day

Well, tomorrow is supposedly the big day for Apple. Apple Expo is being held in Paris. Rumor has it there will be a new G5 iMac announced at the keynote. There is also talk that they’ll be releasing a new version of the iSight camera as well. Engadget had a “Design the new G5 iMac”… Read more »