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Fresh Logic AtlasThere’s just something about data being displayed geographically on a map that’s cool to me. Maybe that’s why I like playing with my GPS and geocaching so much. I ran across a neat integration of maps (MSN Live Local) and community data last night. It’s created by a company called Fresh Logic Studios. In their Atlas Project, they offer the typical mapping functionality that you can find all over the web (zooming, panning, directions, etc.). They also offer some great overlays providing local data for a lot of things. There are geographically tagged blogs, gas prices/locations, movies, phone book data, and wifi hot spots. They’ve also got new feature in beta for tracking a GPS device. Currently they only provide software for Windows Mobile devices, but they offer the API to hook your GPS device to a map and track where it’s located. There are a handful of good mapping tools out there, but Fresh Logic seems to take that base level map and add a nice collection of tools on top of it.


gravatar Shawn Miller


Thanks for blogging about us. Glad you like Atlas!

Let us know if you come across any data you’d like to see us implement into the site… we’re always looking to add more and more


gravatar weston

joined but cant find enough detail information on how to get my gps devices up an going; i was able to set my phone up but dont know how to get it to display location for tracking (what and how to program for tracking) and cant seem to find any detailed info for lay person to do it

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