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LCD Handheld Games Now Part of the Internet Archive

I just got lost down a rat-hole of nostalgia. The Internet Archive has recently added a collection of playable old-school handheld video games. Their new Handheld History section houses close to 75 versions of retro handheld games. You can play them emulated right in your browser window! My brothers and I had a number of… Read more »

2016 Holiday Geek Gift Guide

Another Black Friday has passed us by. It’s now Cyber Monday and the beginning of cyber week (is that new? how long have we called it cyber week?) so that means it’s time for another Holiday Geek Gift Guide. This is the 13th year I’ve created a gift guide. It started as a way for… Read more »

Doom 2 Seinfeld Edition

A brilliant developer (and Seinfeld fan) Doug Keener has created a Seinfeld version of Doom 2… and it’s awesome! You can download and play the game too.

Google Maps Driving Simulator

Ever wanted to drive a car through your neighborhood? Oh wait, you probably do that every day. Ever wanted to drive a car through my neighborhood? Well now you can with the Google Maps Driving Simulator. It’s a bit like Grand Theft Auto but without the grand theft (no guns either). It’s actually a pretty… Read more »

Online Spirograph

Remember the Spirograph? Those odd little notched pieces of plastic that you used to make swirly drawings. I know I had one or two of them growing up. Like all of us, I’m sure you wished that you could continue to make those swirls yet today without digging through your parents’ attic to find your… Read more »

Goat Simulator

This is a real game, not some joke from The Onion. The premise of the game is exactly what you’d expect. You run around as a goat causing mischief, doing goat things… hilarity ensues. You can pre-order it at their site. It’s coming to Steam on April 1st (April Fools joke?). I’m very tempted to… Read more »

Tower Defense in Google Maps

Do you really enjoy Tower Defense games? Have you always wished that you could play Tower Defense in your own back yard? Well, wish no more. MapsTD hooks the Tower Defense you know and love to Google Maps (with a fun 8-bit design). You can put in your zip code and protect your neighborhood from… Read more »


Are you tired of plain-old Tetris? Do simple square shapes bore you? Give Stateris a try.  

Super Mario Brothers + Portal = Awesome

Take a the timeless classic video game of Mario Brothers, then add the innovative modern game Portal, and you get a great game that I’d love to play MariO. I hope they follow through with this mashup!  

e7 Flash Game

I just ran across a fun new flash game by Jonas Richner. The game is called e7, and even though it’s nothing elaborate, it really pulls you in. You’re goal is to save the earth… “It’s force is huge Earth will be dust” You’re dropped off in a pod of some sorts by your spaceship… Read more »

Super Mario Crossover

Have you ever wanted to run your favorite old-school Nintendo characters through the original Super Mario Brothers? Well wait no more, you now can with Super Mario Crossover. You have a choice of Mario, Link from Zelda, Bill R. (didn’t know that was his name) from Contra, Simon from Castelvania, Mega Man or Samus from… Read more »

Pilot a Ship All Around Google Earth

I just ran across one of the coolest uses of Google Earth I’ve seen. Planet in Action has created an online simulation built on top of Google Earth. You can pilot several barges, a re-fuel ship, a container ship, a cruise ship, or even a blimp. This looks to be a proof-of-concept type game according… Read more »

2009 Independent Games Festival Finalists

It’s that time of year again folks. The Finalists for the 2009 Independent Games Festival have been announced. Ever since I discovered this festival a few years back, I’ve been coming back yearly to see the new games that make it to the finals, and then ultimately win the competition. This year’s winners will be… Read more »

Auditorium Flash Game

I just spent about a half hour playing this beautifully designed (and addictive) flash game, Auditorium. The game is all about directing a stream of particles using small spheres that redirect them in different ways. You want to get the particles running through audio containers that play different parts of the beautiful soundtrack in the… Read more »