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2022 Holiday Geek Gift Guide

Here we go again. It’s holiday shopping and gift giving time! My tradition going back to 2004 has been to compile a list of geeky and techy gift guides to help with my own holiday shopping. Hopefully this list helps with your own gift giving. Most of these are geared more towards geeks and gadgets,… Read more »

Firefox UI History

I love a good trip down tech memory lane. This one doesn’t to back too far, just 20 years to 2002. Firefox (originally Phoenix) came at the tail in the browser wars. Internet Explorer had pretty much won. Mozilla split out the browser from the bulky Netscape Communicator suite. It was truly a community project… Read more »

2021 Holiday Geek Gift Guide

We just passed Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year and are almost to Cyber Monday (do they still call it that?). My tradition going back to 2004 has been to compile a list of geeky and techy gift guides to help with my own holiday shopping. Hopefully this list helps with your… Read more »

After Dark Screensaver in CSS

This blog is quickly becoming a collection of trips down technology memory lane. These tech flashbacks keep landing in front of me. Today I ran across a site by Bryan Braun that recreated all of the old After Dark Screensavers in CSS. I fondly remember watching these screensavers roll by on the old Quadra and… Read more »

The Print Shop in a Browser

I think this is probably a sign that I’m getting old, but I love tech history stories that take you on a trip down memory lane. Palotronic just released a web-based Apple II emulator running The Print Shop, which is a huge nostalgic trip. I can remember printing hundreds of things from this program when… Read more »

New He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

38 year ago, childhood me was enthralled with He-Man. I can remember pushing my mom to get home from the grocery store so that I wouldn’t miss the next episode. I can also remember getting out all my He-Man action figures to play along with the show as I watched it. Christmas, 1984 was the… Read more »

2020 Holiday Geek Gift Guide

It’s time again for the good ole Holiday Geek Gift Guide (global pandemic edition). It’s be a really really long year, so hopefully this brings a bit more cheer to kick off your holiday shopping season, which will likely be mostly online this year. It’s time to get moving and buy some stuff for the… Read more »

The History of Firefox

I’m a sucker for tech history stories. I can remember using the first Mosaic browser that became Netscape, then ended up losing the browser wars and being sold before morphing into Mozilla and becoming the basis of Firefox. I was working my first job out of college, and we had a computer lab tied to… Read more »

Some Interesting Web Galleries

The past few weeks I’ve had a few fun web galleries fall into my lap with some unique collections of site, or taking a trip back in time exploring the history of the web. Simone’s Collection of Web Desktops This is a gallery of website meant to act like a computer desktop. These are a… Read more »

2019 Holiday Geek Gift Guide

Aaaaaand… it’s holiday gift season again! Sneaks up on you doesn’t it? Black Friday has come and gone, so it’s time to get in gear and buy some stuff for the people you love (or hate?). I use this list as a helpful resource for my own gift-giving to (geeky) friends and family. Most of… Read more »

2018 Holiday Geek Gift Guide

Here we go again folks… time to buy stuff for those you love (or hate?). Black Friday is over, but we still have (badly named) Cyber Week ahead of us. This year is a milestone for my gift guide collection. We’ve made it 15 years! It started before there even was a Cyber Week a… Read more »

LEGO Built an Actual (drivable) Car!

I’ve been eyeing the LEGO Millennium Falcon since it was announced last year. That’s their $800, 7541-piece set. I’ve even entered into an agreement with my nephew to go in on the purchase of said LEGO set… he has yet to contribute any funding. I told him we could just dip into his college fund,… Read more »

2017 Holiday Geek Gift Guide

Another Black Friday, and (the terribly named) Cyber Monday have passed us by, so that means it’s time for another Holiday Geek Gift Guide. This is year number 14 for this gift guide. It started before there even was a Cyber Monday as a way for me to help with my own gift-giving for (geeky)… Read more »