Google Patents Search

google logoToday Google released a new version of their search too geared specifically to searching the over 7 million patents housed in the U.S. Paten Office. I have to admit, this search is a little bit addictive, and about a million times more user friendly than the one at the patent office site. I think this is interesting in a few ways. First, the novelty of finding weird obscure patents and who owns them. I’m also finding it’s interesting to limit the search by location or by submitter or company. The second aspect of this is that I think it will bring a little more spotlight to the entire patent process here in the U.S., and the recent talk of our system being broken. All this is right on the heels of Goggle’s recent patent on their search results interface, which seems a bit obvious to me. But I’ll let the supreme court figure that one out.

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