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Picasa – Photo Organizer

It happened a while back, but Google purchased Picasa, a company that develops software enabling users to manage and share their digital photos. I tried Picasa last year sometime and found that it’s a pretty nice program. If you’ve ever used iPhoto on a mac, this is about as close as you can get on… Read more »

INDUCE Act – Bad News!

There was a good article about a bad bill, the INDUCE Act, on today. I’m thinking it might be a good time to practice what can sometimes feel an exercise in futility and send a letter to my elected officials. Until recently, much of the discussion among tech enthusiasts about a controversial anti-piracy bill… Read more »

SnapperMail 2.0 Released

SnapperMail 2.0, the palm e-mail program for smart phones, has finallly been released. I’ve been playing with the beta/trial version for quite a while (it’s been in beta for quite a while!). They’ve added quite a few new features. New easier to use interface IMAP mail support Flash card storage Better attachment support I’ve had… Read more »

Firefox College Campaign

Firefox, my browser of choice, has started a new campaign to promote the browser on college campuses which I think is a great idea. I’ve been using Firefox/Mozilla since they started the project and think it’s a great browser. They are taking submissions for poster designs specifically geared to college students to print up and… Read more »

The Sims 2

Who knew they were making a Sims #2 (if you think about it… it makes sense)?!? It looks like the sequal to one of the most popular games ever is coming in Sept! Take a look at The Sims Site… it looks pretty cool. I got into the first one a while back and this… Read more »

Apple Store Opening in Des Moines, IA

The West Des Moines Jordan Creek Town Center will soon be home to a new Apple store. This will be the first apple store in the state of Iowa. I wasn’t too impressed with the new mall when I visited a few weeks ago, but I may have to reevaluate my opinion now with the… Read more »