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Netflix Set-Top Box

Earlier this week Netflix announced a new piece of hardware, the Netflix Player by Roku. This tiny little box allows you to plug in your TV along with an internet connection (wired or wireless) to get access to all of the Watch Now movies on Netflix. Taking a look at the specs of this piece… Read more »

Blu-ray and HD-DVD for the Entertainment PC

Another component of the Entertainment PC has been upgraded to HD. Now that a winner has been chosen in the next-generation HD disc war, I figured it was time to make a purchase (even though it didn’t really matter with the choice I made). I bought the LG Super Multi Blue Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD-ROM… Read more »

Computer Pants

I think these are easily the geekiest pants I’ve ever seen. They’ve got a keyboard on the front, a mouse on the back, and speakers on the knees. How many double-entendres can you think of for these?

Nintendo in a Nintendo Cartridge

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any smaller, this guy (blog in French) mods an entire old school Nintendo Entertainment System to fit into a Super Mario Brothers Cartridge. Sweet!

Flickr Plugin for Picasa

Picasa opened up their button API a few weeks back paving the way for Picasa2Flickr to work once again. I first started using this handy little app while back. Then, after a random Picasa update, it stopped working. After waiting anxiously for several months, Picasa2Flickr is one again functional! The new version does require you… Read more »

I (used to) Like Digsby

With one single application, you can consolidate IM, e-mail, and social networking. That one app, is Digsby. In the past, I have used Pidgin on Windows, and Adium on the Mac for all my instant messaging needs. I’ve been happy with how they handle all the protocols I use (or rather all my buddies use)… Read more »

Hulu Review: Not Too Shabby

This post has been sitting in my drafts for about a month now. I was lucky enough to get in on the private beta of not too long after they started testing. Waiting so long to write this has actually been somewhat helpful. I’ve talked with a few people about their use of Hulu… Read more »

Freaky Big Dog Robot Video

DARPA has funded research on this four-legged robot from a company called Boston Dynamics. The robot’s name is Big Dog, and it is really freaky… in a good way.

South by Southwest Interactive Festival 2008

I’m off to Austin, TX again for the South by Southwest Interactive Festival this year. It was such an incredible conference last year, I had to go again. I will once again be posting notes from the conference in a separate SXSW Notes Blog. The SXSW INTERACTIVE FESTIVAL celebrates the creativity and passion behind the… Read more »

iTunes Library Updater

iTunes Library Updater has become my handy program of the last few months. Getting married last summer meant merging two collections of music in one place. It also meant getting two separate installations of iTunes to work with this merged collection (we both have ipods). If any of you have attempted this, you know that… Read more »

Entertaiment PC: Software

This is a continuation of a few older posts on the entertaiment PC. Adding HD to the Entertaiment PC Building an Entertainment PC: The Guts Much of what I’ve done with software on this computer is based loosely on Jon’s system. The core to both of our systems is a little piece of software called… Read more »

Adding HD to the Entertainment PC

We got ourselves a brand new HDTV for a Christmas present this year. We’d been look at them for quite a while, and finally pulled the trigger the week before Christmas. With that purchase came some other upgrades to keep things working on our Entertainment PC (DVR, Photo Viewer, DVD Player, Sling Viewer, Super Computer)…. Read more »

Flickr Edit Feature

Flickr (the lovely photo editing site), has just launched a new editing feature. Now, by just clicking the small edit button above a photo, you can make minor adjustments to any of the pictures in your Flickr account. Flickr announced a partnership with Picnik regarding this technology back in October, and have just recently integrated… Read more »


Songza is a new service that launched in early November that lets you find and listen to new music. It’s similar to Last.FM and Pandora, but instead of of a radio station-type system where you’re provided with a stream of similar songs based on your ratings, Songza lets you search for an artist or song… Read more »

Band Geeks

As if being in marching band wasn’t geeky enough (I can say that… I was in band!). Check out Cal’s video game marching band show… it is awesome! This brings new meaning to the term “Band Geek.”