Geotagging Back in Flickr

Flickr LogoIt looks like geotagging is back in Flickr. This time it’s built right in vs. the older method that died off a little while back. With the new built-in geotagging, flickr has provided a handy drag and drop interface from the organizr section of your flickr account. You simply zoom to the place on the map where you want your photo to display and drag the thumbnail to that location. There is no more messing with longitude and latitude in the comment and tag fields of your photos. If you still have lon/lat tags from the older geotagging method, flickr prompts you to import all of those photos to their new setup, so you don’t have to go back and remap all of your previously geotagged photos. If you want to just look through the map, you can access it via the flickr explore menu. The maps are now generated via Yahoo maps (makes sense now that Yahoo owns Flickr). Apparently in the next few weeks they’ll be opening up the API’s for this service so hopefully we’ll see some cool new apps based on this new feature. I’m also hopeing someone figures out how to make a Google Earth plug-in for this as well since that was the way I used to access the geotagged photos. I guess we’ll wait and see what happens with this service.

There is a lot more information, including a few screencast sessions, about the new flickr geoblogging on the FlickrBlog


gravatar Kieran

It’s about time they did this! Rock on. I need to get in there and convert all my old geotagged photos. I would also love to see someone develop another Google Earth plug-in. I am sure it’s not “if” but rather and issue of “when” it happens.

Let us know when they do!

gravatar Tom

Speaking about “geotagging”: do you know locr?

locr offers the ideal solution and makes geotagging exceptionally easy. locr uses GoogleMaps with detailed maps and high-resolution satellite images. To geotag your photos just enter address, let locr search, fine-tune the marker, accept position, and done! If you don’t know the exact address simply use drag&drop to set the position.

For automatic geotagging you need a datalog GPS receiver in additon to your digital camera. The GPS receiver data and the digital camera data is then automatically linked together by the locr software. All information will be written into the EXIF header.

Use the “Show in Google Earth” button to view your photos in Google Earth.

With locr you can upload photos with GPS information in them without any further settings. In the standard view, locr shows the photo itself, plus the place it was taken. If you want to know more about the place where the photo was taken, just have at look at the Wikipedia articles which are also automatically assigned to the picture.

Have a look at

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