Google 2006 Zeitgeist

The Google year end Zeitgeist data is out once again this year. The year-end Zeitgeist is a list of the top searches in various categories on Google. Most year’s results are things I’ve at least heard of. This year there were some interesting things on the list that were foreign to me. Hmmm, what should I do about that… I think I’ll Google them.

There were three top search terms this year that I’d never really heard of: Bebo, Radioblog and Rebelde.

  • Bebo – Apparently this is a new (?) social networking site that is beginning to jump in popularity. From what I can tell it’s much more popular in the UK and Ireland which is interesting since it is the number one search term for 2006 on Google.
  • RadioBlog – This is a flash (php?) player to easily stick audio files into your own website. It looks to be based at RadioBlogClub, where they catalog all the audio made available by RadioBlog users.
  • Rebelde – I think this one was made popular by the Spanish-speaking googlers (probably in and ouside the US). Rebelde is a Mexican Telenovela (TV series).

Thank you 2006 Google users for pointing me to some cool tools, though I probably won’t be tuning into Rebelde any time soon.

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