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Candy Cane Mentos

It has been quite some time since my last Mentos post. Don’t worry, I still love them and am still obsessed with them. I guess I just haven’t found anything newsworthy to say recently. I was browsing the holiday clearance section in Walgreens today, and ran across a roll I hadn’t seen before: Candy Cane… Read more »

Mentos History

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a Mentos post. Don’t worry, I still love them and am still obsessed with them. I still get rare Mentos deliveries from other countries (via my Mentos Ambassadors) In fact, I’m sitting next to a large pile of rare Mentos as I type this post. I was scrolling through… Read more »

Amazon Dash Button for Mentos

If ever there was a frivolous device it’s the Amazon Dash Button. Unfortunately, they made one I couldn’t turn down. You all know that I’m obsessed with Mentos, so when I discovered there was a Dash Button that would send me Mentos at the touch of a button, I had to order it. It showed… Read more »

Mentos Mentors

Well done, Mentos… well done. Kids giving adults live advice on making friends and meeting people. Mentos, the real-life equivalent of a friend request.

A Few New Mentos Videos

A couple new Mentos videos have made their way to my feeds lately. The first one has been making the rounds on the (odd) news sites lately. A kid scotch tapes Mentos to himself and jumps into a tub filled with Coke. Hilarity ensues… The second video is an official commercial from Mentos for their… Read more »

Mentos Explosions in Slow Motion

You know I can’t get enough of these Mentos videos… My favorite part is the close-up shot of the actual Mentos reacting to the Diet Coke. BUBBLES!!!

Some New(ish) Mentos Flavors

I’ve actually had these new flavors sitting around for a few months and haven’t gotten around to posting them until now. The first two, Duo and Lakrits Mint were found in the US at a World Market store. The Duo flavor is a strawberry shell with a lime center and works pretty well together. The… Read more »

New Mentos “Kiss Me” Wrappers

It’s been a good week for new Mentos sightings. I found another new roll (or new packaging at least) in CVS today. The candy is the regular Mentos mint flavor, but the roll has a heart in place of the “O” in “Mentos,” and instead of the normal “Mint” text, it says, “Kiss Me.” I… Read more »

Mentos Rainbow Discovered in USA

I was meeting a friend for lunch a few weeks ago on the health sciences campus at The University of Iowa. We were grabbing a sandwich in the EMRB Cafe when I happened across a heavenly roll of Mentos that made my entire day. There was a display stand on the checkout counter with rolls… Read more »

Mentos Beatbox

Not only does Mentos create some pretty awesome candies, but their marketing group creates some fun websites. Check out their latest interactive site, the Mentos Beatbox. Take a few photos of your face in the various stages of beatbox with your webcam, and the site will set you up with a pretty sweet video of… Read more »

Mentos Media Winning Awards

A couple pieces of Mentos media (a video and comic) have been in the news the past few days for  winning a couple awards. The first is from a Mentos Fresh Goes Better contest on deviantART. The contest provides a template with a “before Mentos” box on the left, and an “after Mentos” box on… Read more »

Mentos & Diet Coke World Record Broken Again

The Guinness World Record for Mentos and Diet Coke has been broken yet again, this time by the Tour College of Changchun University in China. The previous record was set by Turbia University for 1911 fountains. The new record was set with 2175 fountains. “We ordered 2,450 packs of sweets from a local supermarket, and… Read more »

Mentos Powered Rocket Car

Those crazy guys at Eppybird have done it again. They’re the guys who brought you the amazing Mentos fountains. This time around they’re using Coke Zero (apparently it works as good as Diet Coke) and Mentos to make a rocket car. 108 bottles of Coke Zero and 648 Mentos propel the car (and driver) 212… Read more »