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Chipmunks Slowed to Actual Speed

Christmas has passed, but I guess it is still technically the holiday season. I ran across this great video of the Chipmunks “Christmas Time is Here” song slowed down. You can hear what the chipmunk voice actors in the song actually sounded like (even though Dave sounds like the devil).


Songza is a new service that launched in early November that lets you find and listen to new music. It’s similar to Last.FM and Pandora, but instead of of a radio station-type system where you’re provided with a stream of similar songs based on your ratings, Songza lets you search for an artist or song… Read more »

Amazon MP3

Today Amazon raised the stakes in the realm of online music sales with the beta release of Amazon MP3. I know there are a ton of places to buy online music out there with iTunes leading the pack. The thing that could make this one different though is the lack of DRM. Amazon’s store will… Read more »

The Hype Machine

I’m not a huge fan of traditional radio. I don’t listen to it very often (usually listen to podcasts in the car). I guess I just don’t like the hear the same 20 songs played over and over again. With that being said, I still do want to find sources for new music. In searching… Read more »

I Love Music Video

Who doesn’t love a good YouTube lip-sync of a popular song?!? Well you can thank your lucky stars… there is now a way to find them by searching a particular artist! will give you a long list (depending on the singer) of YouTube videos from whatever artist you’re looking for. It’s not only great… Read more »

My New (musical) Friend

It has finally happened. I’m now the proud owner of a shiny green iPod Nano. I’ve used iPods since the first one was released way back when (we’ve used a couple of them at work), but haven’t ever had one of my own that I could load up with my music until now. I’ve lovingly… Read more » Operation Depth Charge, which I blogged about a while back has launched an updated version of their site (code named Operation Depth Charge). They’ve added some cool new features and totally overhauled their player. I use all the time (mainly for listening to internet radio at work) and love the new features. If you’ve not checked… Read more »

1,500 Music Videos From the 80’s

Back when MTV used to play actual music videos this site has 1500 videos from the 80’s. I just spent way too long digging through this site. How many of these do you remember?

Mentos + Free iTunes

It’s not like I need another reason to buy Mentos, but it looks like I just got one. Looks like Mentos has started offering free song downloads from Apple’s iTunes Music Store with codes located on boxes of Mentos Sours. I haven’t seen any of these free music Mentos Sours boxes in the wild yet,… Read more »

Toothbrush and Tunes

I bouth a package of Aquafresh toothbrushes and found a code for three free songs on the package. What a toothbrush has to do with music downloads, I have no idea! The unfortunate part about it is that the music is from Sony’s Connect music store where you can only download DRM-ridden Windows Media Audio… Read more »

Last.FM and Audioscrobbler

A few months back I discovered a neat service that at that time was actually two separate services. Audioscrobbler and Last.FM have since merged into one super-cool tool for finding and listening to new music. The thing that makes this tool different than the million and a half other music sites out there is that… Read more » has old Content

Does anyone remember the old Not the current version of the site that was bought out by c|net… which is nothing like the original. was started by Michael Robertson in 1997 as a portal for the growing mp3 format. It became a very popular site showcasing new and unknown artists. All of the… Read more »