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Rsizr Intelligent Photo Resizing

I ran across a really neat web app today that looks very similar to what was being demoed in my previous post on Advanced Photo Resizing. Go to, and upload an image to resize. This little web app will resize your photos by taking out unimportant information. I uploaded a photo of myself and… Read more »

Amazon MP3

Today Amazon raised the stakes in the realm of online music sales with the beta release of Amazon MP3. I know there are a ton of places to buy online music out there with iTunes leading the pack. The thing that could make this one different though is the lack of DRM. Amazon’s store will… Read more »

iCache All-in-one Credit Card

I ran across this cool little gizmo on CNN today. Basically what it does it is combines all the cards you have in your wallet into one little device. It handles credit cards, debit bank cards, loyalty cards. It looks like it will work with anything that has a magnetic strip on it. You load… Read more »

12V Battery Hack

I ran across this helpful battery hack today. It just so happens that I needed one of these little button cell batteries to bring a travel alarm clock back to life. I think I’ll probably go the cheap route and break open a (cheaper) 12V battery instead of paying double that for just one of… Read more »


Are you going somewhere and curious if you will have cell phone signal? Do you know a place where your signal is dead. Check out SignalMap and find out via a Google Maps mash-up whether there is signal or not. You can also add the signal you’re able to get to the map letting others… Read more »

Google 411

Tired of getting charged for 411 information service from you cell phone provider? Now you can get the same service from Google for FREE! Just call their automated 800 number (1-800-GOOG-411) and ask for information on… anything! You can also get similar service without wasting your minutes (you have to waste text messages instead) from… Read more »

Nintendo in Your Browser

This is somewhat along the lines of my previous old school computer games posts. Now it’s not just old computer games, but you can now play old school console games right inside your browser too. Nintendo 8 offers a nice list of your favorite NES games via java from inside your web browser. They all… Read more »

Interactive Map

I have a love/hate relationship with On one hand, it’s easy to remember, and they usually have fairly accurate forecast information. On the other hand, they are LOADED with ads, and bury the information you’re looking for pretty deeply on their site. They obviously know they’re the #1 location for weather online and try… Read more »

Copyright – Orphan Works Reform

I’ve been a fan of Lawrance Lessig for a while. He is a Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and founder of the school’s Center for Internet and Society. He is a large proponent of Copyright regulation, and was one of the founding members of the Creative Commons license. He has recently put together… Read more »

Netflix Watch Now

This past fall, I finally made the jump to Netflix (yah, I know… what took so long?!?) after paying something like $6 for a new release at the local video store. I had eyed the service for a while, but paying for that video was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Anyway, I’ve been… Read more »

2007 Bloggies

It’s time again this year to vote for your favorite blogs of 2007. The Bloggie Awards have opened up voting for this year’s awards in a number of categories. Time once again to get out your blogrolls. The Weblog Awards are a non-profit project created in 2001 to award the best blogs. All the Bloggie… Read more »

Plen, the Skating Robot

Those crazy Japanese and their cool robots. Plen is a little robot with only one real purpose… he skates. Whether on rollarskates or on a skateboard, Plen tears it up. Though he does have a hefty price tag of $2000, watch the video below, and you might just think it’s worth it.

iPhone & AppleTV

I always seem to be on vacation when Apple does their big January announcement. And since that happened over a week ago, (and since the media goes crazy any time Apple releases something new) there’s isn’t much of a chance you haven’t heard at least some sort of rumblings about the new Apple iPhone. I… Read more »

Google 2006 Zeitgeist

The Google year end Zeitgeist data is out once again this year. The year-end Zeitgeist is a list of the top searches in various categories on Google. Most year’s results are things I’ve at least heard of. This year there were some interesting things on the list that were foreign to me. Hmmm, what should… Read more »

Google Patents Search

Today Google released a new version of their search too geared specifically to searching the over 7 million patents housed in the U.S. Paten Office. I have to admit, this search is a little bit addictive, and about a million times more user friendly than the one at the patent office site. I think this… Read more »