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Breaking the Mold With Meaningful Design

Scott Dadich – Wired EditorTony Fadell – CEO, Nest LabsHosain Rahman – CEO, Jawbone Great design has been a trend since the late 90’s – form + function. We’re currently seeing hardware and software really coming together with great design. Devices have become fashion and not just a piece of electronics that you use. Things… Read more »

Google[X]: Building a Moonshot Factory

Astro Teller Does your work support crazy or risky “moonshot” ideas? Are you given the freedom to take risks? Many times it takes a war to think big, or risky, or “Moonshot”. Moonshot thinking starts takes a global scale problem, then you have to make some sort of sci-fi proposal to make that problem go… Read more »

Why Designers Should Care About Measuring Success

Alfred Lui – Jawbone, Dir. of UX How do you know this idea is going to work? This question asks you for proof of the future. This is a fair question because designers love change, but businesses do not. This is a balance between pushing change and avoiding risk in business. Strategy is to determine… Read more »

Building a Better UX Resume

Mike Dunn, UX Designer, Game Journalist, Animator The average recruiter spends about 6 seconds on your resume and everything typically looks the same (MS Word template with Times New Roman). How do you make your resume stand out? You want your resume to tell a story about yourself. Many people short-change their resume and don’t… Read more »

Drawing Conclusions: Why Everyone Should Draw

Von Glitschka Drawing Defined: doodling, sketching – it doesn’t have to be complicated. Drawing is appropriate creatively because it touched on so many things. Don’t say, “I can’t draw worth crap.” It’s easy to come up with an excuse not to do something. Set those excuses aside. It can fill the gap when the spoken… Read more »

About WYSIWYS: What You See is What You Spec’d

Dave Rupert Dan Gardner Alax Breuer The biggest challenge of responsive design is decision making. Purpose What are you trying to accomplish (publishing, commerce, marketing)? The content determines the design. Platform How does this responsive site exist with other products on the same devices? Is it replicated or differentiated from a native application? How does… Read more »

Copyright & Disruptive Technologies

Wendy SeltzerAndrew BridgesDerek KhannaMargot KaminskiBen Huh Incumbent technologies do not want to give ways to new tech. Andrew Bridges Copyright is now on the radar in some of the most powerful/rich people in the US. The new 6 strikes law goes a little far. Example: If you don’t pay a toll 6 times, you don’t… Read more »

Mythbusting: Engineering a Viral Video

Eduardo TobenBettina HeinKevin DoohanRob Ciampa A viral video is a video that becomes popular through the process of internet sharing… duh. Why should a marketer care? Awareness and Views. Many times good content that works is the most important part (Build Direct Laminate Flooring). Real virality is often smaller than you’d think. Make relevant content… Read more »

The Future of Video; The Post-YouTube Apocalypse

ShaycarlKassemGCourtney HoltDanny ZappinMaker Studios Maker was founded by a group who wanted to stop pitching to traditional studios and just make stuff – so they started to put video up on YouTube (prior to Google’s purchase). This group came together with similar interests and built this studio together and reinvested in the group to create… Read more »

Beyond Squishy: The Principles of Adaptive Design

Brad Frost – Brad Frost Web Generic Trademarks (Kleenex, Corn Flakes) on the web are AJAX & HTML this lead the way for responsive web design, which includes fluid grids, flexible media and media queries. Adaptive web design is a larger container for responsive web design. It just happens to be the term that caught… Read more »

Brainstorming: Technology First

Will Turnage – R/GA This talk demonstrated a new technique in brainstorming that Will created over time for use at R/GA to help create a more productive brainstorming. This technique is based on his observations of traditional brainstorming and where it falls short. The technique, like any process or technique may or may not work… Read more »

Open Web Platform: Hopes and Fears

Tim Berners-Lee – World Wide Web Consortium He talked about the history of programming languages, object oriented languages and the creation of a general (not specific to a particular platform) language. C -> Java -> HTML. The web works because HTML didn’t tell you what you could use on top of it. We are to… Read more »

How to Rank Better in Google and Bing

Danny Sullivan – Search Engine LaneMatt Cutts – GoogleDuane Forrester – Bing Great video explaining in simple language what SEO is: Search Engine Optimization by Common Common Craft Bing Webmaster Tools Google SEO Starter Guide Google and Bing really try to do the right thing and not promote “bad” companies, but it is a hard… Read more »

Storytelling in the age of the tablet

Dr. Mario R. Garcia Founder/CEO, Garcia Media How do we adapt to change? Change is one of the most difficult things to deal with. Media Quartet Mobile (lean forward) Online (lean forward) Print (lean back) Tablet (lean back) Show your readers everything, that it is available across all platforms. News is broken on mobile: twitter,… Read more »

South by Southwest Interactive 2013

March is once again upon us, so that means it is time for another South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Tx. I will be collecting my notes once again on this blog (category SXSW) as well as on my SXSW sub-blog ( Scheduled March 8-12, the 2013 SXSW® Interactive Festival will feature five days… Read more »