songza.gifSongza is a new service that launched in early November that lets you find and listen to new music. It’s similar to Last.FM and Pandora, but instead of of a radio station-type system where you’re provided with a stream of similar songs based on your ratings, Songza lets you search for an artist or song and listen to the entire song. In this nature, it is probably closer to Hype Machine (which my brother has been a big fan). It doesn’t quite have the rating system that HypeM does though. You can tell Songza if a song the you’re listening to is a high quality track, but I think that only makes the song show up higher in the searches. What I have found useful about Songza is the ability to find some nice additional tracks or covers for an artist or song that I’ve not heard. From what I can tell, the music is coming mainly from YouTube videos (based on the “share” menu’s “watch on YouTube” option). The site itself has a nice interface, which makes sense when you look at the creator, Aza Raskin, who is Jef Raskin’s son. Jef Raskin was the creator of The Humane Interface, and Songza’s interface is based on many of his ideas. So if you need another site to add to your collection of online music finders, give Songza a try. At the very least, you should be able to find some tracks by your favorite artist that you haven’t heard anywhere else.


gravatar Matt Fiddelke

Interesting interface on that site. Fun to play with, but not ideal for how I discover and listen to music. Still a pandora/hype machine fan. The quality is mediocre as well. But it’s cool if you just want to quick find a song to play someone.

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