iCache All-in-one Credit Card

icache.jpgI ran across this cool little gizmo on CNN today. Basically what it does it is combines all the cards you have in your wallet into one little device. It handles credit cards, debit bank cards, loyalty cards. It looks like it will work with anything that has a magnetic strip on it. You load up the information on all your cards at the iCache website and then when you’re out and about, you don’t need to have a million and one cards with you. Just pull out the iCache and scan your fingerprint on the device to activate it, then chose from your list of cards that come up on the screen. It then will spit out a single-use card with that card’s information on it for you to swipe at the checkout. When finished, just stick the card back in the iCache, and it erases it and prepares it for next time. The little device only costs $99 and is supposed to be available next year. I think this is a cool idea. I guess the only question is how secure is it? If I accidentally leave it somewhere, anybody could potentially have access to all my cards. It’s probably more secure than accidentally leaving my wallet somewhere though, since I don’t have a fingerprint scanner on my wallet.

Here are a couple videos that show the iCache a little better.

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