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iTLU.jpgiTunes Library Updater has become my handy program of the last few months. Getting married last summer meant merging two collections of music in one place. It also meant getting two separate installations of iTunes to work with this merged collection (we both have ipods). If any of you have attempted this, you know that getting iTunes to play nice with a central (networked) music location isn’t easy. Enter iTLU. This little app will rebuild your iTunes library based on a resource that you point it to. In our case, I open iTLU and tell it to look for music on our network drive. I then have options to select what I want it to do with the music it finds. It can add new media, remove missing files, update track info and several other things. It fires up iTunes and then does its thing based on the options I’ve given. This is really handy when each of us happens to add music (either purchased or ripped) to our independent libraries. We just run iTLU every now and then and everything is synced up. Plus if we pull music out of iTunes (Christmas songs for instance) it will see they are gone and remove them from the library.

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Rebekah and I ran into the merging of two iTunes libraries when we got married. What we ended up doing is just combining both into a single library and authorizing that computer for both of our iTunes accounts. This allows us to use any of the music from either person and we just create playlists for our appropriate iPods. It works really well for us.

On a side note, you need more line spacing for your posts.

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