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weatherchan.gifI have a love/hate relationship with On one hand, it’s easy to remember, and they usually have fairly accurate forecast information. On the other hand, they are LOADED with ads, and bury the information you’re looking for pretty deeply on their site. They obviously know they’re the #1 location for weather online and try to get as many ad views as they possibly can by making you dig to the data you’re looking for. They launched a nice feature the other day though, that I would put into the love category. They are now providing an interactive weather map combining weather information from the site and the drag-and-drop type map that are all of the big direction sites use. I’ve wondered why it has taken so long for something like this to appear given that pretty much all mapping sites are using this technology now. It only makes sense that it finally makes its way into weather maps. You can now zoom into street level maps with animated radar or cloud data superimposed over top. It’s definitely a welcome improvement to the static image radar images we’re used to.

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gravatar Kieran

This is the map change I noticed the last week. Remember I mentioned that it looked like they were using “Mapquest” maps on I didn’t scope it out very thoroughly, but this is what I was looking at. Wow, this is a great tool. Now, if they would just get rid of all those nasty ads and banners!

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