Flickr Edit Feature

flickr_edit.jpgFlickr (the lovely photo editing site), has just launched a new editing feature. Now, by just clicking the small edit button above a photo, you can make minor adjustments to any of the pictures in your Flickr account. Flickr announced a partnership with Picnik regarding this technology back in October, and have just recently integrated these tools into the site. The Picnik system is actually pretty cool considering that all the editing is browser-based. Now don’t get me wrong, this is no Photoshop. It does give you the ability to do some nice quick adjustments from right inside of Flickr for those times when you don’t have an image editing program with you, or don’t want to take the time to fire up Photoshop just to crop a photo. It is a handy tool in the Flickr arsenal that I know I’ll be taking advantage of.

The main editing features include:

  • Auto-fix – think of it as Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” for your photos
  • Rotate – rotate your photos
  • Crop – crop images
  • Resize – resize your photos
  • Exposure – adjust the exposure on your photos
  • Colors – adjust colors and saturation
  • Sharpen – sharpen your photos
  • Red-eye – red-eye removal tool
  • Other Create Presets – black and white, sepia, pencil sketch etc.

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