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Flickr Explore

Flickr recently added a new way to plow thorough the millions of photos on their site. It’s called Flickr Explore, and it’s kind of a dynamic rating system for cool photos that is based on several variables (which they call “interestingness”). There are lots of things that make a photo ‘interesting’ (or not) in the… Read more »

Windows Longhorn Now Windows Vista

The next version of Microsoft Windows (previously named Longhorn) has now been officially titled Windows Vista. Whatever happened to naming software releases by number? It seems like a few years back marketing departments got a hold of software versioning and started using buzz words to describe the next version of software upgrades instead of the… Read more »

Google Maps/Earth Hacks and Fun

With the launch of Google Earth, and the Google Maps API, it was only a matter of time before the hacks started to filter out. Google Maps Mania is a blog that is constantly coming up with cool links to hacks and fun stuff you can do with Google Maps. There are some really creative… Read more »

Now Easier to Geotag Flickr Images

I talked about Flickr Geoblogging and GreaseMonkey in earlier posts. Well, some smart folks have combined the two to make it easier to geotag your Flickr photos. Now by simply installing a couple GreaseMonkey scripts you can easily find the longitude and latitude points needed to submit your photos to the Geobloggers database. There is… Read more »

Google Releases Google Earth

Google released their “Google Earth” tool today. It seems to be just an updated and FREE version of Keyhole, the company they purchased a few months back. I played with Keyhole a little bit shortly after Google purchased them and it was some pretty slick software then! They’ve since enhanced it with Google’s local search… Read more »

Wired NextFest Chicago

This past weekend I traveled to NextFest in Chicago with a few friends. The event, held at Navy Pier, was a pretty cool. It showcased new and upcoming technology in several different areas. I’ll highlight a few of my favorite exhibits in the different categories. Communication Motorola had a pretty large display set up showcasing… Read more »

Best Buy Prices: In Store vs. Web Site

I experienced something a few weeks ago while shopping at Best Buy. I looked up the price/availability of a flash memory card on their website and seeing that it was available and cheaper than any other local stores (needed it right away – couldn’t wait for shipping), I drove down to the store. I scoured… Read more »

Cool New Tools from Yahoo!

Yahoo has been hard at work lately and has some handy new tools in beta. The first one is called Yahoo! Mindset, and allows you to customize, or lean your search results in a certain direction. It works with the typical Yahoo search box, but the results page presents you with a slider allowing you… Read more »


Recently I’ve seen a bunch of articles on the Firefox extension, Greasemonkey (Slashdot, Wired, misc. blogs) lately and thought I’d join in with my own praise of this really neat tool. I’ve been using GreaseMonkey for a while now, and it is kind of one of those tiny novelty things that just makes life a… Read more »

Flickr Geoblogging

Some folks at have put together a really cool integration of Google Maps and Flickr. If you provide some specific tagging information including latitude and longitude you can have your Flickr photos show up in a custom Google Map. Here is an example from Chicago. This takes Flickr’s Mappr that I blogged about a… Read more »

2005 Webby Award Nominations

Do you have a computer in front of you with a connection to the ‘net, and some time to kill? Check out this year’s Webby Award Nominations, and vote for your favorites in a large collection of categories. Connections Entertainment Features Living Marketplace Media Services Society There are some pretty cool sites out there to… Read more »

Adobe Buys Macromedia

Adobe announced today that they will buy Macromedia for $3.4 billion! I’m very torn about this purchase. I really like Macromedia as a company and the applications that they produce. I also like Adobe’s applications. I just don’t know if I want them coming together. They both have their own areas of expertise and if… Read more »

Google Local… Mobile

Yes, I know two Google posts in a row is a little much… but what can I say, I love Google, and they keep adding new stuff! Do you use Google from your mobile phone or from your wifi enabled PDA? I know I sure do! Well, now they offer their “Google Local” in a… Read more »

Google Adds Satellite Imagery to Maps

Google has taken their already-cool maps/directions tool and added yet another great improvement. They’ve integrated their Keyhole technology to bring satellite images to the maps. So now instead of looking at cartoony maps, you can view locations or directions with actual satellite images. To view the satellite images, simply enter your address or location into… Read more »

Firefox 1.02 Released

I’m a little late posting this since I was on vacation, but Firefox 1.02 was released a few days ago. There aren’t a whole lot of changes, mainly security fixes and updates (which are always good to take care of). Here is what’s new according to Mozilla: Firefox 1.0.2 is a security and stability update… Read more »