VW To Add USB Ports to Cars

VW USB PortThis news is a few weeks old, but I still think that it’s pretty cool. Volkswagen is going to start adding USB ports to their cars.

We will start with the Golf, Golf Plus and Touran and then next year USB connections will be available for other models.

These ports will allow you to play mp3’s via those dime-a-dozen USB memory keys you can pick up just about anywhere. I really wondered when this type of thing would become more standard in cars, especially with the popularity of mp3 players and the iPod. I do really wonder why you don’t see more mp3 players, or mp3 CD players built into the stock car stereos. Not too long after purchasing my car in 2001, I put in an mp3 CD player and have never looked back. Maybe this will push more car companies into doing similar things.

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