Gmail Adds Auto-save

gmailGmail just added a really handy feature to their web-based e-mail system. How many times have you been typing a message in Gmail and then had your browser crash, or you accidentally bump the back button, or some other horrible thing happen that made you lose your entire message. Luckily It hasn’t happened a whole lot to me, but really just one time is enough. I’m not sure when it was added, but Gmail has recently added an auto-save feature that automatically saves your email compositions while you’re writing them so if the worst should happen; you haven’t lost everything you’ve written. This great feature makes gmail even more usable.


gravatar Kieran

Yeah, I’ve been burned on this issue more than once. For instance, a certain 3000 word email to my brother chock full of helpful URLs and references all gone because I was tab browsing in Firefox, and instead of hitting my third mouse button, I hit my first one. VOIP! entire message zapped into the ether . . . Thank you Google!

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