Cool New Tools from Yahoo!

Yahoo has been hard at work lately and has some handy new tools in beta.

The first one is called Yahoo! Mindset, and allows you to customize, or lean your search results in a certain direction. It works with the typical Yahoo search box, but the results page presents you with a slider allowing you to shift the focus of the search to either “researching” or “shopping” meaning either more academic or more commercial. I guess it really depends on what you’re searching for as to how useful this would be. There are many topics where I couldn’t really see the grey area between researching and shopping, but others there is an obvious separation. If anything it’s kind of fun to play with.

The other tool that I just discovered (don’t know how long it’s been out there) is “Yahoo! Farechase“. It is similar to the other travel search sites, in that it finds the best deals on hotels, flights, rental cars. The place where Farechase shines is that it brings many of the results from those other search sites and travel sites together in one place. When I need to book a hotel room or flight etc., I usually spend a good deal of time going from site to site trying to find the best deal. Farechase lets me do all that in one place, on one site. I’ll probably still do some cross-checking on prices, but from my initial searches, it seemed to bring back the same, or better deals than the other sites. Yahoo lists the sites that Farechase searches. Hopefully this list will continue to grow adding to the options and potentially improving the prices. Give Farechase a try the next time you need to book a travel reservation.

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