Best Buy Prices: In Store vs. Web Site

I experienced something a few weeks ago while shopping at Best Buy. I looked up the price/availability of a flash memory card on their website and seeing that it was available and cheaper than any other local stores (needed it right away – couldn’t wait for shipping), I drove down to the store. I scoured the camera and flash memory section and couldn’t find the card for the same price as I saw it for online. I asked around and the Best Buy associate told me that the one on the shelf was the same one I saw online. I told him I had just looked it up, and it was cheaper on their website. He told me to wait there and he’d go look it up. When he came back he said that I was right and mumbled something about it not being up to date yet which I thought was weird since I’d looked up the price a few times in the past 3 days and it hadn’t changed. How long does it take to update the prices in the store? Not wanting to talk to him any more, I marched up to the checkout, and the item rang up to the higher price. Hmm, not updated on the shelf OR in the computer system either. I guess it takes a while for the prices to get changed there too… right? I told the cashier that I had just spoken with someone back in the camera section and that it should the lower price. He had to bring over a manager and the manager had to call back to associate #1 back in cameras and finally they charged me the lower website price.

Recently I’ve run across a few other stories about this proving that this occurrence wasn’t unique to me.
Best Buy not your best buying experience
Best Buy Not Always Best Buy

I guess the moral of the story is: When shopping at Best Buy, always check their website before you purchase something in the store because it may be cheaper.


gravatar Kieran

Ever wonder how they turn a profit? No wonder! ALWAYS BUY OPEN BOX, spend the difference on the service plan. That is my BestBuy advice.

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