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joystickWith the next geek LAN gaming party scheduled for later in October, I ran across a nice site with a pretty sizable list of free (yes, I said FREE) Multiplayer games. We might have to try a few of these out. I did notice that the list was lacking a fun multiplayer puzzle game I ran across last yearplayed: Bontago. I may try submitting it to the site.

Also on the subject of games, I ran across a cool site yesterday called Millions of Games which is a directory of those flash games you see all over the internet categorized and rated. If you need to kill some time on the net, this is the place to start!


gravatar Scott

Thanks Tony. I hadn’t even heard of that one. I just downloaded it and it’s pretty similar to the other FPS games out there (only the graphics aren’t as pretty).

PS I fixed your link.

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