Google Releases Google Earth

googleGoogle released their “Google Earth” tool today. It seems to be just an updated and FREE version of Keyhole, the company they purchased a few months back. I played with Keyhole a little bit shortly after Google purchased them and it was some pretty slick software then! They’ve since enhanced it with Google’s local search and best of all released it for FREE! Keyhole used to charge either a monthly or yearly fee for access to the service (can’t remember the price). What Google Earth does is provide a virtual earth made up of satellite images that you can navigate, zoom, search, fly, rotate, and simply explore. It’s really fun to play with! They’ve also added (to certain cities) 3D buildings that add depth to the maps. If you have a chance (and a fast computer with a good graphics card) give Google Earth a download… it’ll keep you busy for a while just looking around.

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