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Photoshop World

Since I’m at Photoshop World in Las Vegas this week, I figured that I should post something Photoshop related. They showed us a cool new feature that is going to be in the next version of Photoshop in our opening keynote. I’m going to try and describe it as best I can, but it might… Read more »

Google Releases Updated Ver. 1.0 Desktop Search

Google has released an updated version of their Desktop Search that I mentioned in an earlier post. The new version adds quite a few new items to the search results. There is also a new plug-in’s area to expand the searches even further. The new searchable items include: Netscape Mail / Thunderbird Netscape / Firefox… Read more »

I’m Done Feeding the Cable Pig!

This afternoon I made a call that I have been waiting a long time to make. I called the Mediacom 800 number and said, “cancel all my services!” It felt so good! Then after work today I stopped by the Mediacom offices and returned my cable modem. I did a little dance as I walked… Read more »

Firefox 1.01 Released

The Mozilla Foundation has released a small update to Firefox, mainly to take care of some bugs. What’s new in Firefox 1.01: Improved stability International Domain Names are now displayed as punycode. (To show International Domain Names in Unicode, set the “network.IDN_show_punycode” preference to false.) Several security fixes. Get it while its still hot! UPDATE:… Read more »

Free Game List

Need a new computer game to play, but don’t want to plunk down $50 for it? Here is a collections of free games on the internet. Free Games

Apple Releases New iPods

Apple today released a small bump in the iPod line with capacity price, and color updates for the iPod Mini and the iPod Photo. They also bumped up the battery life on the Mini to 18hrs while removing the gold colored player (it must not have been a very good seller). The new updates look… Read more » has old Content

Does anyone remember the old Not the current version of the site that was bought out by c|net… which is nothing like the original. was started by Michael Robertson in 1997 as a portal for the growing mp3 format. It became a very popular site showcasing new and unknown artists. All of the… Read more »

New Mac Stuff in Person

I’m a little late getting this posted, but I was able to see one of the new Mac Minis in person last weekend at Apple store in the Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines. Like most Apple products, the pictures online just don’t do them justice. The mini was just that… mini. It is seriously… Read more »

RSS Primer/Demo

In putting together an RSS presentation and threw together a bunch of resources that I thought might also be relevant here. What is RSS? Rich Site Summary Really Simple Syndication RDF Site Summary RSS is an XML format used for syndicating regularly updated web content (headlines, news, blog posts, etc.). Resources defining RSS: Wikipedia… Read more »

Flickr Graph

People just keep thinking of cool things to do with Flickr. Marcos Weskamp has taken the Flickr API and put together a cool social networking graph thingy. (great description huh?). What it does is allow you to see the relationship between Flickr contacts. Enter your Flickr e-mail address and it you’ll see a sort of… Read more »

Google Maps

You knew it was just a matter of time before Google got into the online maps and directions business (especially with their Google Local tool and thier purchase of keyhole last year). They have officially released (in beta) Google Maps with a slick interface that you would expect from the search company. They have done… Read more »

iLife ’84

Who needs the new iLife ’05 when there is iLife ’84 ! Hopefully you’ve got a machine the can run it. System Requirements: Macintosh computer with a Motorola 68000 processor 8 MHz or faster required for GarageBand 8 MHz or faster required for GarageBand software instruments 8 MHz or faster required for iDISC 512 KB… Read more »

MSN Launches Search Tool

Good ole Microsoft has officially launched their search tool: The results seem pretty solid, but I think I’ll stick with Google for the time being.

TargetAlert Extension for Firefox

While reading a post from about web designers not marking their PDF files, so you inadvertently click a link having to wait for the excruciatingly slow PDF plug-in to open. One of the comments recommended a Firefox plug-in called TargetAlert which will add a little icon beside all links to external documents (Word, Excel,… Read more »

Google Releases TV/Video Search

Google released a beta of their new TV/Video search yesterday. This new search allows you to search the content of recent TV shows. Your results will be presented with thumbnail images of the show along with a short transcript of the clip. I did a quick search for mentos, and it seems like they’ve used… Read more »