Apple Releases Some New iPod Stuff

iPod NanoAt a special media event today, Apple rolled out a few new products to their digital music offerings.

iPod Nano
Probably the most notable of the new products is the iPod Nano. This tiny new flash-based digital music player takes the place of the iPod Mini (no longer being sold). It sports a color screen, 2 or 4GB sizes, 14 hour battery life and is not a whole lot larger than the iPod Shuffle. It sells for $199 (2GB) or $249 (4GB). The high end is only $50 less than the 20GB iPod which seems like a bit of a stretch to me, but I guess people will buy it because it’s small and looks cool, not because of how much music it holds (that’s why they bought the minis right?).

iTunes 5.0
Apple also released a new version of iTunes (ver. 5.0) which sports a new (more streamlined/rounded) look similar to the new Mail.App in Tiger.
Also new in this release:

  • Search Bar

    Find stuff fast and refine your search with the handy new Search Bar.

  • Smart Shuffle

    Adjust random playback to hear what you want.

  • Sync from Outlook

    iTunes now supports iPod syncing for Outlook and Outlook Express on Windows PCs.

  • Playlist Folders

    Organize all your playlists into folders.
  • Parental Controls

    Limit kids’ access to the iTunes Music Store and sharing features.

  • Album Reviews

    Browse over 1,000 album reviews.

  • iTunes for Your Mobile Phone

    Sync music to the Motorola ROKR E1.

iPod Phone (ROKR E1)

Apple’s third (and least impressive) release today was the iPod Phone from Motorola. The phone, called the ROKR E1, has been rumored for quite some time now. It will sync with the new version of iTunes and hold 100 songs. The ROKR (how do you supposed to pronounce that?) is available with service from Cingular.



Hey there. ‘Bout time Apple made an actually small mp3 player w/ some features. They’re only a year behind everyone else now. And the phone, is a joke. That is, unless you don’t know about companies like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, etc. I’d take a Sony S710a over the iTunes Rokr (pronounced rocker) anyday. Or better yet, wait until Sony’s walkman phones are released. 2mp camera(w/ flash), 512 included memory, 32mb onboard, upgradable to 1gb. Sure it doesn’t have itunes, but it does have dedicated mp3 software and buttons (unlike previous Sony phones). Apple hasn’t impressed me w/ any of the iPod mumbo-jumbo as of yet…. …waiting, Mr. Jobs

gravatar Doctor Kate

I know how you pronounce it! Rocker…get it, like musicians are rockers? and the phone plays rock songs! see! they gave me a JD for a reason!

gravatar Scott

I thought it was because the engineer in charge really liked Al Roker (the weather guy from the Today show).

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