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New Mentos Stuff

It’s always exciting when one of my Mentos ambassadors brings me a new shipment. I just got a big one courtesy of Mentos Ambassador King who just got back from an extended trip in the far East. Included in her big bag of wonderful foreign Mentos were a few fun surprises. The first few pulled… Read more »

New Fruit Mentos Wrapper

It’s the small things that are special. I was buying a roll of mixed fruit Mentos today and noticed that the wrappers are different. They’ve changed the end-foil color to bright pink, and changed a few other elements of the package imaging. They’re now called “fruit” instead of “mixed fruit,” which the old rolls said…. Read more »

Mentos Geyser Video Contest

Mentos (evidence of their brilliance) has put together a contest for Mentos Geyser videos at These videos are pretty much taking over the internet. Just do a search for Mentos on Youtube or Google Video, and you’ll see what I mean. Or take a look at my post from a little while back about… Read more »

New Mentos Flavor: Strawberry Yogurt

A new Mentos flavor has recently been discovered. Mentos Ambassador Moore brought me a roll of Strawberry Yogurt flavored Mentos that he found in France. It’s always nice to be presented with a flavor I’ve never heard of before. Plus it’s good for my Mentos Ambassadors working their way up the chain. You’re well on… Read more »

Twinkie Cookbook

For the 50th anniversary of the Twinkie last year, Hostess released a cookbook full of recipes using Twinkies. It includes some weird stuff like a Twinkie Burrito and Twinkie Lasagna (some of the recipes are available here). I think Perfetti Van Melle (the brilliant company behind Mentos) need to get their act together and make… Read more »

Awesome Mentos Fountain

101 two-liter bottles of Diet Coke + 523 Mentos = one awesome choreographed fountain display that I would say rivals the Bellagio (only because the Bellagio doesn’t use Mentos). I totally need to build a Mentos fountain! Hmmm, what else could be done with Mentos and Diet Coke sprays?

Mentos + Free iTunes

It’s not like I need another reason to buy Mentos, but it looks like I just got one. Looks like Mentos has started offering free song downloads from Apple’s iTunes Music Store with codes located on boxes of Mentos Sours. I haven’t seen any of these free music Mentos Sours boxes in the wild yet,… Read more »

More Mentos Commercials

I like to search for mentos whenever I’m anywhere that has some sort of search engine. Wow! A lot of people have made a lot of really bad Mentos commercial spoofs! With such a wonderful candy though, can you blame them?

Licorice Mentos

I was looking around Walgreen’s today, checking out the Mentos selection (which I do at just about every store that I go into) when I ran across something interesting… Black Licorice Mentos! I’ve had these before, but it’s be quite a while since I’ve seen them… and never in the U.S. The last roll I… Read more »

New Size Mentos Rolls

While waiting to see King Kong the other night, I ran across a new size roll of Mentos at the dollar store. They’re not the tiny mini-rolls, and they’re not as long as the regular size rolls either. It’s a special medium-sized roll for when you’re not in the mood for an entire large roll… Read more »

New Cherry Flavor Mentos

It’s been a good month for Mentos! I ran across my first box of Fruit Mentos that included the new cherry flavor last night at The Wal-Market. Mentos has been advertising the addition of the new cherry flavor as “Coming Fall ’05” for a while now. I have to say, they’re pretty good. They’ve a… Read more »

Sugar Free Cool Mint Mentos

Continuing in my never-ending pursuit to discover new Mentos flavors, I’ve recently run across a new flavor. Previously, I’d only seen the berry flavor sugar free Mentos, but just the other day, while grocery shopping, I discoverd the sugar free cool mint flavor. They are much better than the sugar free berry! They are also… Read more »

A Fitting Home

I finally had a chance to build a fitting home for my newest prize possession last night. I made a trip out to Hobby Lobby and found myself a shadow box and created a museum-quality display for the one of a kind kidney-bean shaped Mentos. Now all I need to do is get the lasers… Read more »

Mentos rocket

Sombody spent a little time building a rocket out of a big mentos tube. I guess this is one way to ensure that evil martians don’t kill us when we rocket towards their planet. How could anyone or anything possibly have any sort of ill will towards something mentos related? At the very least, the… Read more »

Rare Kidney Bean Mentos Owner

You all may recall this post about the “Kidney Bean Cinnamon Mentos Candy” up for bid on ebay. Well, I returned home from work today to find a package from my friend Jon (who by-the-way just got engaged… congrats!). Apparently, he was the high bidder for the rare Mentos. He packaged it up, and sent… Read more »