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New Peach Mentos

The Mentos gods have been smiling down on me the past couple weeks. Not only did Mentos update their website recently, but I have finally discovered the holy grail of Mentos… peach flavor! I don’t remember when I first caught wind of the mystical peach flavored Mentos, but it was some time ago. I think… Read more »

Mentos USA Updates Their Website

Mentos USA has a new website! Sometime in the past couple of weeks, Mentos updated their website (I try to check it on a regular basis). The site now has a new darker blue swirly look, and includes a few new areas. They’ve also added some interesting Mentos news to the site. The fruit flavored… Read more »

Kidney Bean Cinnamon Mentos Candy

I regularly do searches on ebay for “mentos” just to see what kind of cool Mentos merchandise is out there and ran across an interesting one today. Someone is selling a malformed Mentos Candy in the shape of a kidney bean. I don’t think this is something I’d ever spend any money on, but thought… Read more »

New Mentos Sugarfree!

It’s always a good day when you discover a new type of mentos! Today I ran across new Mentos Sugarfree for the first time. They are exactly what their name says they are… sugar free mentos for those calorie-conscious folks out there. They’re made with Splenda instead of the high test sugar that I’m guessing… Read more »

New Mentos Sours!

While waiting for the flight to Phoenix last Saturday I was looking around the magazine shop/news stand in O’hare Airport in Chicago and discovered a new type of mentos… mentos sours. They’re actually pretty good. They come in three flavors in a new green striped box. The flavors are sour apple, which doesn’t taste too… Read more »

Found: Weird Mentos Video

While playing around with an alternative search engine (defined as anything that’s not Google), I did a video search for… you guessed it, mentos! It came back with a rather humorous video from some guys named Jay & Jon. Jon and Jay’s Mentos Commerical (QuickTime Movie) They also have some other videos on their site… Read more »

Mentos in Cody Banks

Who knew that there was a Mentos scene in Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London? (probably anyone that wasted 100 min. of their life watching it!) I have never seen this movie, nor do I want to, but the fact that there is a Mentos scene makes it instantly good (at least for 30 seconds)…. Read more »

Confirmed: Apple and Grapefruit Mentos available in the US

I found Green Apple and Pink Grapefruit Mentos at a grocery store up the street (I’d been tipped off they were available). They had several displays, that said “available for a limited time only.” I’ll need to stock up. Maybe they’re just test marketing them. If that’s the case… EVERYONE GO BUY GRAPEFRUIT OR APPLE… Read more »