Mentos + Free iTunes

Mentos Sours iTunesIt’s not like I need another reason to buy Mentos, but it looks like I just got one. Looks like Mentos has started offering free song downloads from Apple’s iTunes Music Store with codes located on boxes of Mentos Sours. I haven’t seen any of these free music Mentos Sours boxes in the wild yet, but you’d better believe when I do, I’ll be slapping down some cold hard cash to get me a few boxes. When Pepsi does their yearly iTunes promotion, I usually end up buying more 20 oz. bottles. It’s scary to think how many boxes this promotion will make me buy when it’s a food item I’m already obsessed with. Too bad they don’t sell Mentos Sours at the same number of places that Pepsi is sold… or maybe for the sake of my health, that’s a good thing. Naw! Anything that promotes the candy of the gods is definitely a good thing!


gravatar Kieran

Who needs another reason to buy Mentos is right! And they taste so much better than pepsi!

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