Sugar Free Cool Mint Mentos

sugar free mint mentosContinuing in my never-ending pursuit to discover new Mentos flavors, I’ve recently run across a new flavor. Previously, I’d only seen the berry flavor sugar free Mentos, but just the other day, while grocery shopping, I discoverd the sugar free cool mint flavor. They are much better than the sugar free berry! They are also made with Splenda, but don’t have the strong sugar-substitute flavor that the berry ones do. These taste surprisingly like the mint flavor Orbit gum. It’s a bit weird to eat them since it feels and tastes like you have gum in your mouth, but it’s actually a piece of candy. Your mouth tells you it’s a piece of gum, but you brain tells you it’s a piece of candy. Once you pop a few of them, your moth eventually learns the truth.

These are definitely better than the sugar free berry Mentos, so if you’re watching your calories and you like mint – these are definitely the way to go! Happy Mentos popping!


gravatar jess

better than berry? that’s not saying a lot. those berry flavored sugar free mentos tasted yucky. sorry, scott, i had to say it. those mentos tasted like poo. but i guess i can try the mint flavored sugar free mentos.

gravatar sheila in st. louisq

I live in St. Louis and can’t find these sugarfree cool mint mentos anywhere. Walgreens used to carry them, but they’ve dropped the sugarfree ones.

Do you have any idea where I can order some? thanks.

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