Mentos Geyser Video Contest

Mentos FountainMentos (evidence of their brilliance) has put together a contest for Mentos Geyser videos at These videos are pretty much taking over the internet. Just do a search for Mentos on Youtube or Google Video, and you’ll see what I mean. Or take a look at my post from a little while back about that really impressive Mentos fountain. The contest doesn’t officially start until July 31st so the details are still a little sketchy, but prizes include: 1000 iTunes song downloads and a year supply of Mentos. I do wonder how much a “year’s supply” actually is. A year’s supply of Mentos for me is probably a little bit more than your average person. I tried this experiment quite a while back before there were a million and one videos of it on the internet (it also works with pixie stix). I’m going to have to think of some cool way of doing it again for this contest.

As I was looking at some videos for this post, I ran across this interview with a Mentos marketing guy regarding the recent spike in Mentos geyser videos.


gravatar Kate

i think you should come up with some sort of mousetrap (the game, not the killing device) contraption to drop the mentos into the soda. or maybe put different color sodas into rainbow order and drop the mentos at the same time. that would be cool.

gravatar Troy

I’m just surprised that Scott’s clearly endorsing the waste of perfectly good Mentos.

gravatar Brian

ROY G. BIV totally. Can you color diet coke though? Why not just do the experiment where no one else has… it doesn’t have to be “extravagant” if it’s done some fanciful place such as scuba diving…. rig some contraption to pull the mento dirrectly (fast) to the bottom of the coke underwater (since I’m guessing mentos aren’t super heavy underwater) and see what happens. You’d totally win.

gravatar Joan of Arc

Well, I recommend a Trebuchet. For style, there is no better way to take over any contest. . . Sack and pillage the competition with counterweights and hurtling diet Coke in their faces! Oui Oui!

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