Awesome Mentos Fountain

Mentos Icon101 two-liter bottles of Diet Coke + 523 Mentos = one awesome choreographed fountain display that I would say rivals the Bellagio (only because the Bellagio doesn’t use Mentos). I totally need to build a Mentos fountain! Hmmm, what else could be done with Mentos and Diet Coke sprays?


gravatar kat

Love it! Too bad you have to waste so much good diet coke and mentos to have such fun. Have you tried it?

gravatar Jon

Wow. I wonder what would happen if you chugged a bunch of diet coke and then swallowed a bunch of mentos? I smell a lawsuit!

gravatar - Regular Ramblings About Technology » Mentos Geyser Video Contest

[…] Mentos (evidence of their brilliance) has put together a contest for Mentos Geyser videos at These videos are pretty much taking over the internet. Just do a search for Mentos on Youtube or Google Video, and you’ll see what I mean. Or take a look at my post from a little while back about that really impressive Mentos fountain. The contest doesn’t officially start until July 31st so the details are still a little sketchy, but prizes include: 1000 iTunes song downloads and a year supply of Mentos. I do wonder how much a “year’s supply” actually is. A year’s supply of Mentos for me is probably a little bit more than your average person. I tried this experiment quite a while back before there were a million and one videos of it on the internet (it also works with pixie stix). I’m going to have to think of some cool way of doing it again for this contest. Mentos […]

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