Mentos Ambassadors

After Dan’s question in my last Mentos post, I thought I’d take the opportunity to explain the low-down behind my Mentos Ambassadors.

The short and sweet answer to, “What is a Mentos ambassador?” is they are people who bring me Mentos from other countries. The thing about Mentos is that they’re an international company and offer different flavors in different countries. At the time of writing, Mentos offers these flavors regularly available in the U.S.

  • Mint
  • Fruit
  • Cinnamon
  • Strawberry
  • Green Apple
  • Sour
  • Sugar Free Mint
  • Sugar Free Mixed Berries
  • (plus other special flavors from time to time)

Mentos Ambassador CardAny flavors brought to me outside of that list are fair game for becoming a Mentos Ambassador. I also enjoy receiving U.S. flavors in foreign packaging. So to become a Mentos Ambassador, all you need to do is bring me some crazy foreign flavor that I’m not able to find in the U.S. The Mentos Ambassador program has been going on for quite some time. Usually when I know someone is going out of the country, I’ll ask them to keep their eyes open for some new flavor. Just recently (in the past couple of years), I’ve been keeping track of flavors that my Ambassadors bring, and have created an “Official Mentos Ambassador” card, so that it’s now possible to become a card-carrying member of this elite group. I’ve also been toying with some sort of ranking system for the Mentos Ambassadors based on the quantity and rarity of the flavors they’re able to bring. So maybe someday it will be possible (if you bring me a case of some flavor of Mentos that I’ve never heard of) to become a Mentos Ambassador General.


gravatar Kieran

If I bring you the wrapper from my last roll of Mentos from my apartment could I get an ambassador card? I would settle for a “Mentos Canal Dredger” title or even “Mentos Monkey Cage Cleaner” or “Mentos Janitor General”. . .

I never leave the country (well, unless you count metaphysics, and even then I have a hard time proving it with souvenirs.)

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