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Mentos Rainbow in the UK

It looks like Mentos are doing pretty well in Great Britain. According to a recent press release, a new type called “Mentos Rainbow” will start to show up on shelves. Mentos is now the largest brand within Perfetti Van Melle with an impressive brand awareness of 68% after being launched just 3 years ago.  In… Read more »

New Website Design

Sometime over the past few weeks, Mentos has updated their website. They’ve got a much more interactive site now. It’s much improved over the one they’ve been limping away with for the past serveral years. The new site ads a full-screen video background of their commercials, and brings everything into a much more consistent package…. Read more »

Soft Fruit and Fresh Cola Mentos from France

Some new Mentos arrived in my mailbox the other day from my aunt and uncle (they’re now Mentos Ambassadors BTW). They send a couple 4-packs from France. One was a flavor I’ve had before, Soft Fruit (fruits rouges). The other was a new flavor I’ve not seen before, Fresh Cola. I’m always excited to get… Read more »

Mentos + Diet Coke in Zero G

Ever wonder what would happen if you tried the infamous Diet Coke and Mentos experiment in Zero G? Robert Woodhead decided to take that experiment to the skies… literally. He packed up an experiment kit (Mentos, Diet Coke, containment bag) and took off in a special ZeroG plane to get weightless. the hypothesis that we… Read more »

Mentos Kissfight

What is a little bit like Mortal Kombat but involves mentos and kissing instead of fighting? If you said Mentos Kissfight, you guessed correctly! Mentos seems to be really pushing the kissability after eating their candies lately. Given their Kiss Cam web game, and the latest TV commercial for Mentos gum. The Kissfight game involves… Read more »

Mentos Diet Coke Record Broken Again

Turiba University Sets a new world record with 1911 simultaneous Diet Coke and Mentos fountains. This breaks the previous record set by 1360 Belgium students last April.

Mentos KissCam

There seems to be a lot of Mentos news today! I just ran across a site called Mentos KissCam (I’m guessing from Europe) where you can (if you have a webcam) kiss a guy or gal after popping a Mentos Pure Fresh (a flavor not available in the US). Turn on your web cam and… Read more »

Japanese Plum Mentos

I just received a new shipment of Mentos from Japan. Mentos Ambassador Roth comes through again with a new flavor to add to the collection. The flavor is “Ume,” which they tell me means “Japanese Plum.” The Mentos themselves are a very light orange color (unfortunately not the purple/green mix color on the package). They… Read more »

Mentos + Diet Coke World Record Broken

Breaking Mentos News: A world record was broken recently by 1360 Belgium students all creating a Diet Coke and Mentos fountain at the same time. The previous record was set in Cape Girardeau, with 973 fountains last October. Video from BBC News

New Mentos Gum

My dad (now a newly ‘minted’ Mentos Ambassador) found a new Mentos product right here in the US (normally the new crazy flavors come from over seas). He found some packs of Mentos Gum in a gas station in Iowa. I’ve had Mentos gum before. They used to make a product called “Mentos New Charge… Read more »

New Mentos (just in time for the holidays)

I received some new Mentos the other night from a few new Mentos Ambassadors (Ambassador Kilgore and Ambassador Brown). These Mentos came from China, so I’m going to have to guess on some of the flavors (because I don’t speak or read Chinese). One was a double-wrapped roll of lime mint which I have seen… Read more »

New N’Cream Mentos

Another shipment of Japanese Mentos arrived a few weeks ago from Mentos Ambassador Roth (they’re really working their way up the Mentos Ambassador chain!). The package included four rolls both with “N’Cream” written in the area where you usually see the flavor printed. They don’t really say a fruit on them, but the red one… Read more »

Holy Chinese Mentos!

Another Mentos shipment has arrived safely from China. Mentos Ambassador Stoll has done it again. The Mentos flavors themselves aren’t that unique. Two of the three flavors can be found in the U.S. (mint and fruit). The third flavor (Lime-mint) is a little more special. The thing that makes this shipment different, is first, the… Read more »

Mentos ATM

There have been a lot of changes lately with my move to the desert. One of those changes included getting a new bank, and turned out very nicely. We chose our new bank for several of their account features. One of those features just happened to be custom ATM cards. Once I saw that option,… Read more »