New Mentos Flavor: Strawberry Yogurt

A new Mentos flavor has recently been discovered. Mentos Ambassador Moore brought me a roll of Strawberry Yogurt flavored Mentos that he found in France. It’s always nice to be presented with a flavor I’ve never heard of before. Plus it’s good for my Mentos Ambassadors working their way up the chain. You’re well on your way to Mentos Ambassador General, M.A. Moore! Your official Mentos Ambassador Card is on its way.

I can’t really say what these taste like since I only have one roll. Normally if I’ve only got one roll, I like to keep it in my Mentos archive. If I’ve got more than one I’ll usually break into the second one to see how the flavor rates. I’m sure they’re great though, since I’ve never had a Mentos wasn’t!


gravatar Troy

Just happy to help bridge the international Mentos gap. 🙂

gravatar Brian

Mentos were identical in Chile, sorry. Some of them didn’t even have spanish packaging, but just a spanish nutritional facts sticker stuck to it.

gravatar Jess

what!? you’re not going to try them?! aren’t you a little curious? you’ve gotta try them.

gravatar Scott

I practice incredible restraint just like I’ve done with several other flavors.
Lemon Fresh
Air Action
(to name a few)

gravatar Brian

Jess, it’s too late, I’ve been back for almost 2 weeks now. Anyway, they were American Mentos, especially in Peru.

Chlorophylle = minty
Apfel = apple
Air Action = sounds really awesome but when I think of “air action”, I think of mint…. EXTREME MINT

I’d eat Tropical, I bet they’re delicious just like Tropical skittles.

gravatar martine

strawberry yoghurt mentos are the best- they taste like fromage frais- deliciously fruity- totally addictive!!
I found them in Greece- bought 5 packets, and only 5 mentos left!!

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