Licorice Mentos

licorice mentosI was looking around Walgreen’s today, checking out the Mentos selection (which I do at just about every store that I go into) when I ran across something interesting… Black Licorice Mentos! I’ve had these before, but it’s be quite a while since I’ve seen them… and never in the U.S. The last roll I found was probably around 1997 or 2000. They’re normally sold (from what I can tell) in Denmark. Those Dutch like their black licorice. I’m not a huge black licorice fan. I’ll eat it if it’s around, but probably wouldn’t go out of my way to find it. So, these Mentos are probably at the bottom of the Mentos ladder for me. But, even being on the Mentos ladder puts them head and tails above all other candy. Well, what do these taste like? They taste very much like black licorice. I believe that the candy shell is still mint so they have a slight hint of minty flavor, but the centers are definitely black licorice… so if you’re a fan of licorice, these Mentos are definitely for you.


gravatar Kieran

Yah, they sound good. Do they call them “Black Licorice” or do they call them “Anise” flavored?

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