New Mentos Stuff

It’s always exciting when one of my Mentos ambassadors brings me a new shipment. I just got a big one courtesy of Mentos Ambassador King who just got back from an extended trip in the far East. Included in her big bag of wonderful foreign Mentos were a few fun surprises.


The first few pulled out of the package were grapefruit flavored which I have been able to find locally on a few odd occurrences. There were a few more that came in double-wrappers: lime mint, red orange, strong mint. The last bunch was sour mix, which I’m guessing is very similar to the US sour rolls. They do list different flavors than the US sour though. These rolls have grape, green apple and pineapple, where the US sours have watermelon, apple, and lemon. Since ther are more than one roll of these, I’ll be able to give them a try and see what these different flavors are like. Maybe I’ll post an update later on how these babies taste.

Mentos Penny TrayIn addition to a nice collection from my Mentos Ambassador, I also was able to add to my collection of Mentos memorabilia with a Mentos branded “Leave-a-Penny, Take-a-Penny” tray. It’s a lovely piece, so now when you come to visit me, and you need to pay me $2.01 and all you have is a twenty. Feel free to take a penny from my Mentos penny tray so you don’t get a pocket full of change back.


gravatar Megan

What does “Red Orange” taste like? Are you sampling it?

I think you should post a picture of your entire Mentos collection!

gravatar Scott

@Dan: I’ve been meaning to post on my Mentos Ambassador army for a while now – The “how’s and the why’s” are coming. Stay tuned.

@Mizidy: Sweet! I love to see new flavors being brought more mainstream. I actually saw a peach mentos wrapper on the ground today on my walk in from Finkbine. I’d like to think that’s why we won the football game on Sat, because some beautiful fan finished a roll of peach Mentos.

@Megan: I haven’t tried “red orange” since I only have one roll… it goes into the archive. I’ve also been meaning to index my entire collection so that I know what all I have. When I get time to do that, you better believe I’m gonna post about it!

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