New Mentos (just in time for the holidays)

I received some new Mentos the other night from a few new Mentos Ambassadors (Ambassador Kilgore and Ambassador Brown). These Mentos came from China, so I’m going to have to guess on some of the flavors (because I don’t speak or read Chinese). One was a double-wrapped roll of lime mint which I have seen before. The other two were unique to my collection. One was a small box with a picture of a lime, an orange, and a grapefruit on the front with some some Chinese writing. I’m guessing these are just regular size Mentos in a smaller box. The last one was probably the most unique. It arrived in what looked like a vitamin jar. I think these one are gum with some sort of gooey center judging by the picture on the front. Again, it is hard to tell because there isn’t any english writing on these.

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