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mentos_gum.jpgMy dad (now a newly ‘minted’ Mentos Ambassador) found a new Mentos product right here in the US (normally the new crazy flavors come from over seas). He found some packs of Mentos Gum in a gas station in Iowa. I’ve had Mentos gum before. They used to make a product called “Mentos New Charge Gum,” but I haven’t seen if for quite a while. I even remember an even older Mentos gum that I bought (a case of) back in college. This product is the first time I’ve seen fruit flavored gum from them in the US. The packs I was provided were, mint, spearmint, and red fruit-lime. The mint flavors just taste minty like normal strong-mint gums. The red fruit-lime is interesting though, not only as the first fruit gum from Mentos, but because it has a soft liquid center. The gum part is red fruit, consisting of strawberry, raspberry, and cranberry with the liquid center making up the lime portion of the gum. I have to admit, it is pretty good (but I’m probably biased)!

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gravatar Peter

I live in Perth Western Australia. Can Mentos or someone please tell me where I can buy Mentos Gum in the Perth area ? Retail outlets ?


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