Soft Fruit and Fresh Cola Mentos from France

Some new Mentos arrived in my mailbox the other day from my aunt and uncle (they’re now Mentos Ambassadors BTW). They send a couple 4-packs from France. One was a flavor I’ve had before, Soft Fruit (fruits rouges). The other was a new flavor I’ve not seen before, Fresh Cola. I’m always excited to get rare Mentos, but am especially excited when they are flavors I’ve never seen before. After a few photos, I opened up the fresh cola package and gave it a  try. The color of these candies is definitely brown (even though the photos make it look a bit orange). It’s a color of Mentos I’ve not ever seen. They are an interesting flavor to say the least. I don’t think I’d say it tastes like Coke or Pepsi, or even RC Cola. It tastes like… artificial cola flavor, like they tried really hard to make it taste like cola, but keep it sweet. I think cola is one of those awkward flavors that is hard to duplicate outside of the actual (liquid) thing. It is a sweet flavor, but also a bit tangy. I’m not sure if the tanginess is to try and mimic fizz, but it definitely isn’t a smooth flavor like the mint variations. There is virtually no aftertaste. These remind me a lot of the gummi cola bottles I had as a kid. There must be only one flavor our there for cola candy. Fresh Cola Mentos fits into the same category as the licorice flavored variety. They are definitely an acquired taste (which is probably why they aren’t sold in the US). So they at the bottom of the Mentos scale, but even the very last player on the Mentos scale is still head and tails above all other candy… c’mon they’re Mentos, the candy of the gods!


gravatar Aprille

Do you have a list somewhere of all the Mentos flavors you’ve had? I ask because what if I’m traveling somewhere sometime and I see some crazy-assed flavor? How would I know whether I should buy it for you or if it would be old hat?

gravatar scott

If it isn’t available in the US, then yes, you should buy it! 😉 Bringing back anything that isn’t available in the US (or, if available, but with crazy languages on the wrapper) will make you a Mentos Ambassador. If you happen to bring back a flavor I’ve never heard of or tried, your Mentos Ambassador rank will go up. The list on the Mentos Ambassador post is still accurate.

gravatar Gwen

I have been chewing your mentos gum flavors for a long time and have always saved the containers for little children. I have given away at least 50 of them so far filled with Cheerios or m&ms. I CHEW ALL of the gum. I have enjoyed the pleasure little ones get with the containers, BUT, I have always pulled off the labels and written names or numbers or letters on the containers. Now I throw them away because you have been using new stickers that are difficult to remove.
I was re-cycling and am sure the kids still us them.
Is there anywhere I could still buy the originals?
Thanks, Gwen

gravatar Ryan

Where around Europe could i buy Mentos Fresh Cola? (I live in the UK) Is there any persific brand of shop (Sainsburys…) that you know sells Cola Mentos? If not could i be able to get them off you?

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