New Website Design

Sometime over the past few weeks, Mentos has updated their website. They’ve got a much more interactive site now. It’s much improved over the one they’ve picture-2been limping away with for the past serveral years. The new site ads a full-screen video background of their commercials, and brings everything into a much more consistent package. The content hasn’t changed that much from previous designs, with the exception of updated media from their new TV campaigns. They did remove the Mentos store though. This had probably been planned for a while, since I’d noticed the store has been selling less and less merchandise. I’ll still miss it, since it was one constant place you could order some of the rare flavors not normally available in the US. Doubly sad is that I never got around to buying that Mentos wristwatch that they sold… oh well. Minus the loss of the store, I think the new site is a definite improvement.


gravatar Natasha

i was really dissappionted when i went through my pack of mento’s and the only colour there was pink! dont get me wrong i like the pink ones but its nice to have a mixture

gravatar warren lindley

i don’t know whether you know but the reject and liquidators are selling your mentos that are to be sold only in singapore in there stores.
i purchsed a bag with 164 pieces in it but was dissappointed that they were not the genuine mentos.
they were larger and lacked the whitenes.
i could not get any answers from the dept of fair trading or the retail outlet why this was so.
i have always enjoyed the orginal mentos for years whats the explanation?…yours truly

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