Mentos + Diet Coke in Zero G

Ever wonder what would happen if you tried the infamous Diet Coke and Mentos experiment in Zero G? Robert Woodhead decided to take that experiment to the skies… literally. He packed up an experiment kit (Mentos, Diet Coke, containment bag) and took off in a special ZeroG plane to get weightless.

the hypothesis that we wanted to test was that convection of the soda was an important part of the whole reaction; under normal gravity, bubbles formed around the mentos rise up through the soda, allowing more soda to come in contact with the candy, and thus more bubbles form. However, in microgravity, there’s no “up”, so any bubbles that form will just stay near the mento, and will in fact keep new cola from reaching it.

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gravatar Kieran

For the record, the song used in the video is from Camille Saint Saens “Carnival of the animals.” I believe it’s the overture. Awesome cool idea. I love the scientific terminology he creates for all the processes and devices. Very NASA.

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