New N’Cream Mentos

ncream_mentos.jpgAnother shipment of Japanese Mentos arrived a few weeks ago from Mentos Ambassador Roth (they’re really working their way up the Mentos Ambassador chain!). The package included four rolls both with “N’Cream” written in the area where you usually see the flavor printed. They don’t really say a fruit on them, but the red one has a picture of a strawberry, and the green one has what I think it a picture of a melon. I haven’t tried either of these yet, but plan on giving one a try soon. My guess is they taste similar to the yogurt and fruit flavors I’ve tried before. Anyway, kudos to Mentos Ambassador Roth for finding another untried flavor!


gravatar roth

The katakana (foreign words adopted into Japanese) under the “N”cream are sutoroberi (strawberry) and meron (melon).

gravatar Megan

Hey, can you post a picture of your Mentos “vault” so we can see just how many different flavors you have acquired?

gravatar Scott

The “vault” isn’t out yet and probably won’t be till we move, but I’ll try and get a photo up (showing the vast collection of flavors) up as soon as everything is out for display again.

gravatar Alinda

Hello there,

I’m a Mentos collector, does anybody knows on what way I can order these Japanese Mentos?

gravatar Carolyn Wiggins

Can you tell me if your company still makes Mentos in cinnamon flavor??? I used to be a cinnamon mento “junkie” and I haven’t been able to find this flavor in a very, very long time! The favor of a reply will be greatly appreciated.
Carolyn Wiggins

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