Mentos Rainbow in the UK

mentos-rainbowIt looks like Mentos are doing pretty well in Great Britain. According to a recent press release, a new type called “Mentos Rainbow” will start to show up on shelves.

Mentos is now the largest brand within Perfetti Van Melle with an impressive brand awareness of 68% after being launched just 3 years ago.  In 2008 Mentos Mint was the fastest growing mint product in the UK confectionery market.

Building on the success of Mentos Fruit and Mint in the UK, Perfetti Van Melle are launching a limited edition Mentos Rainbow. Each roll will contain an exciting mix of 7 fruit flavours (grape, strawberry, orange, watermelon, pineapple, raspberry and apple) all made with real fruit juice.

What’s more, consumers are guaranteed to get two chews of each flavour in every pack.

Is there anyone going to the UK any time soon who can pick me up a roll or two?


gravatar Rachel A.

We had some of these when we were in Edinburgh. They were awesome. Though there was no grape – it was black currant. Very tasty, and my favorite out of all the flavors.

gravatar Adeena

Are the Rainbow Mentos available in the US? I have seen the commercials, but can’t find the product anywhere.

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