Alabama High School Band Attempts Mentos World Record

I wish our band did things like this in high school. Vestavia Hills High School attempted to break the Coke and Mentos fountain world record yesterday at their high school football stadium. The existing record was set on June 19, 2008, by 1,911 students in Latvia. Unfortunately they weren’t able to break the record. The event looked to be a fund raiser ($5 to participate) for the band’s trip to London later this year. They only had about 500 participants with two soda bottles apiece. You have to give it to them, it is definitely a unique way to raise money for their band trip. I would have totally participate in this when I was in high school band. Heck, if it weren’t 1500 miles away, I would have paid my $5 and participated in this attempt. You can see more photos of the attempt on the Band’s Facebook Page, and from The Birmingham News. Maybe I need to put together my own Mentos fountain world record attempt.

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gravatar Millie W.

Hey – I helped organize this event, and I would love to share our tips on how to do this! Thanks for the mention! We have a great band!!

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