Firefox 1.0 Released! has just released Firefox 1.0. The download is available at, or This is their first major product release since the Mozilla suite’s 1.0 release in June of 2002. Also, sometime in the next few weeks there will be a full page Firefox ad in the New York Times from a grassroots effort to raise $250,000 for the project. So if you’ve never given Firefox a try… now is a great time to download it and try it out. If you’re already a firefox user, update your version today by downloading 1.0.

New Features:

  • New options for controlling where links from other applications open.
  • New experimental options for controlling where links in web pages open. To make these experimental options appear, set browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs to true in about:config.
  • Firefox is now available in 14 languages.

And improvements:

  • “Sort by ame” in Bookmarks should sort siblings, not children.
  • Information bar (blocked popup, missing plugin, etc) should be closeable.
  • View Source should use Find Toolbar.
  • Find toolbar loses content when new tab clicked.
  • Disable sites reloading onresize. (Many sites reload onresize to work around bugs in Netscape 4. This caused problems in Firefox due to tabs, the Find bar, and information bars.)

And much more

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